4 Proven High-Converting Testimonial Ads

Testimonial ads are one of my favourite ads to run as they always work if you do it properly.

It helps you to “sell the vacation, not the flight ticket”.

You are not selling the service but the outcome and results you can help your customers achieve.

The results you help your customers achieve help you to stand out from your competitors as they are hard to replicate.

Testimonials act as proof to show that your product or service is working.

A Good Hook + Testimonials/Proof = Killer Ad

Here are 4 high-converting testimonial ads you can use:

  1. WhatsApp Or Social Media Review Screenshot
  2. Social Proof
  3. Video Testimonials
  4. Video Or Images Of End Results

WhatsApp Or Social Media Review Screenshot

This is the easiest testimonial ad to start running.

You can just screenshot the WhatsApp Conversation with your customers or screenshot your social media reviews like Google or Facebook.

This works best if your clients want to remain anonymous as you can cover the name or profile image.

However, some people might not find it convincing as some people might think they are fake.

To prove that they are not fake, you can include images of results in the conversation to show that it is real.

Social Proof

This works well to show how many clients you have impacted.

This might look more enticing since they are much harder to fake and it make it look like you have a thriving business.

However, it does not show clearly what your service/product actually does.

To improve on this, you can show your customers in the process of using your product/service as a video ad.

For example, your customers playing piano in class and learning music theory.

Video Testimonials

This is very common for high-ticket services like agency, personal training, online courses and many more.

A higher effort is required for this as you need to shoot the ad and ask the right questions.

This might be more convincing than just a screenshot.

Since this is a video, you must do it properly, or else people will not watch your ad as many people have a low attention span.

However, some people might be skeptical of this ad as many scammers or fake gurus have been exploiting this ad format.

Video Or Images Of End Results

Sometimes, the best way to show proof your product/service works is to show the end results you have helped your customers achieve.

Show the clients’ emotions when applicable (eg. smiling, happy, proud etc).

From this ad, they show the before and after of the child’s grade, showing a huge improvement.

To make it look more enticing, they can even show the kid’s family being happy while the son is holding the exam results.

The truth is people want the dream outcome because of the benefits it will bring to them such as bragging rights, happiness, pride, more money, happier relationships etc.

For example, when your children get good grades, you like to brag to other parents, you are happy for your child’s future and you become less worried about their grades.

If your ad is able to portray what people get from achieving the desired results, your ad will stand out even more.

You can also combine 2 or more of the ads I shared to make it even more enticing and credible.

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