Having this one thing will increase your ad results by over 60%!

There are many contributing factors to your ad campaign.

Is it how nice your image/video is? Is it your targeting? Is it your ad copy?

The answer is your HOOK!

The hook is usually the biggest headline you put in the image or at the start of the video.

Many people think that your ad image or video must be pretty to convert people.

However, with the right hook, even an ugly ad creative can outperform a nice image/video.

Hence, a good hook contributes to at least 60% of your ad results as it will stop people from scrolling and looking at your ad.

Since everyone is surfing mindlessly on social media,

If you can’t even stop people from scrolling means your ad sucks and your cost per lead will skyrocket.

The rest of the ads, which are your creatives and ad copy are just supporting elements of the main hook.

So… how do I write a good hook?

There are many ways you can hook your audience.

Based on my experience, I have been using these 3 proven ways:

  1. Dream Outcome Headline
  2. Pain-Point-Inducing Headline
  3. Curiosity Evoking Headline

Dream Outcome Headline

This is the most straightforward and safest hook to use.

Your main goal is to show the audience they can achieve their desired outcome and in what time frame.

Include promotions and discounts if you have.

“$1,000-Off Celebrity Smile Transformation”

“5 Clients In 5 Days Blueprint”

“$1 Trial To Get Your Kids To Ace His Next Exam!”

“Retire with 1 million by 55 years old as a young professional”

Pain-Point-Inducing Headline

Your main goal is to get people to relate to the problem they are facing.

To use this, you must know the market well and understand people’s frustrations.

People will feel that you understand their “unique” situation and feel that your product/service is for them.

“If you are feeling sleepy after just sending 2 emails and it’s barely 10AM, you don’t need more sleep…”

“Why no customers? I already “boosted” my post but no results…”

“POV: You studied every day but you’re still getting C for maths…”

You can also combine both dream outcome and pain-point-inducing headline with this framework:

Get (Dream Outcome) Without (Pain Point):

“Get six-pack abs without going to the gym every day”

“Go on dates without awkward conversations”

“Secure a job interview easily without countless job applications”

“Get leads easily every month without cold calling and hard selling”

Curiosity Evoking Headline

Your main goal is to get people curious and click on your ads to learn more.

It is also a good idea to show the unique selling point of your product/service.

“Here’s how you can own a landed property in 6 to 9 years if you are staying in a condo”

“5 hidden secrets of high-converting Facebook ads”

“The last raincoat you will ever need”

“How I have helped my client get A in Maths within 1 term using this simple technique”

“Did you know that healthy carbs can be bad for you? Here’s what you can eat instead”

Changing your hook brings the biggest impact to your ad campaign.

Always get your hook right first!

Test multiple variations of hooks you can think of first before testing the creatives and ad copy.

If your CTR is <1%, your hook is most likely not doing well and you need to change your hook.

Get the hook right and you can easily see a 2-30x return on your ad spend.

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