4 Proven High-Converting Testimonial Ads

Testimonial ads are one of my favourite ads to run as they always work if you do it properly. It helps you to “sell the vacation, not the flight ticket”. You are not selling the service but the outcome and results you can help your customers achieve. The results you help your customers achieve help […]

Only 2 ways to run ads profitably

To run more profitable ads, there are only 2 ways: Many business owners only focus on number 2. They look for marketing agencies and people like me to help them when they need more sales and customers. However, increasing the lifetime value of customers is easier as there is no limit to it unlike reducing […]

Having this one thing will increase your ad results by over 60%!

There are many contributing factors to your ad campaign. Is it how nice your image/video is? Is it your targeting? Is it your ad copy? The answer is your HOOK! The hook is usually the biggest headline you put in the image or at the start of the video. Many people think that your ad […]